SSC Exam Final suggestion 2020 English 2nd paper ( ALL Board)

SSC exam suggestion 2020
English 2nd paper
1.For the post of an English teacher.
2.For the post of a senior officer in a private bank.
3.For the post of an computer operator.
4.For the post of an IT officer.
1.For the admission information to the school.
2.for the guidelines and other details of a competition. 3.Describing the picnic at a historical place.
4.what you intend to do after ssc examination.
5.How to improve English.
🍟Application :
1.Permission to open a relief camp in the school.
2.permission to go on a study tour.
3.For opening e debating club.
4.For a transfer certificate.
5.For full free studentship.
6.For setting up a canteen in your school.
🍟Paragraph :
1.A winter Morning.
2.Traffic jam.
3.Load shedding.
4.Tree plantation.
6.Road Accident.
7.A book fair.
🍟Composition :
1.Wonders of modern science.
3.Student Life.
4.Physical Exercise.
5.The season you like most.
6.Your aim in life.
7.Your hobby
8.The game you like most.