Relationship with Physical Education and Sport Science?

 Physical Education and School Sport are two terms that are often mistankenly used interchangeably. Although there are similarities, their differences make them two seperate topics. 

A Definition 

Physical Education is the planned learning that takes place in school curriculum timetabled time. This will involve all students.

School Sport does not take place within the set curriculum, instead takes place outside of school learning hours. It still involves structured learning. 

The Key Differences 

PE is focused on developing key skills such as catching and running, whereas School Sport is more intense exercise which requires skills 

Sport often involves playing competitively, whereas PE is not 

PE classes are compulsory in schools until the age of 16 

PE goals are those that educate students on personal development, whereas Sports goals refer to performace achieved 

PE involves children learning and experiencing a range of activities, School Sports broaden these activites and skills 


Both Physical Education and School Sports are important for a childs learning and development through physical activity