Bangladesh Vision 2041 (Focus Writing, Eassy, Paragraph)

 Bangladesh Vision 2041 (Focus Writing, Eassy, Paragraph) 

Bangladesh Vision 2041 (Vision '41) is a national strategic plan to further develop the socio-economic standing of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, issued by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and formulated by National Economic Council. As a part of four 5-year perspective plan to be undertaken between 2022 and 2041, Bangladesh is aiming to achieve high income status through industrialization. The initiative encourages expansion of manufacturing capacity and investment in human capital development to develop exports from Bangladesh. As Bangladesh marks its fiftieth year of independence, it stands adorned with numerous significant achievements. Presently, the nation is positioned favorably to endeavor towards the ambitious goal of attaining a poverty-free and advanced economy by the year 2041. While the challenges ahead are formidable, they are not beyond conquering. Bangladesh's existing impressive track record serves as a testament to its capabilities. Immunization stands as a pivotal benchmark within the global health domain, and Bangladesh emerges as an exemplary and pioneering nation in this aspect. Having immunized a substantial count of 38 million children since 2003, Bangladesh's success story is one that resonates globally. Remarkably, the country achieved polio-free status in 2006 and effectively eradicated the menace of neonatal tetanus.

Selected goalsedit

  • Per capita income of $12,500 (more than $16,000 in 2041 prices)
  • Maintain 9% GDP growth until 2031.
  • Increase investment/GDP ratio to 46.9%
  • Increasing tax revenue to 15% of GDP.
  • Export diversification.
  • Increase exports earnings to $330 billion.
  • Bangladesh exported a total of $65 billion in FY 2022-23 compared to $52 billion in FY 2021/22.
  • Increase life expectancy to 80 years.
  • Extend universal health care to 75% of the population.
  • Increase adult literacy rate to 100% by 2031.
  • Free education for up to 12 years.


Vision 2041
Sector20222028 (projected)2041
GDP (nominal)$464 B$805 B$2,580 B
GDP (PPP)$1,345 B$2,298 B$6,950 B
Per Capita (Nominal)$2,754$4,272$16,000
Per Capita (PPP)$7,985$12,847$43,160
FDI$2.4 B$153 B
Exports$67.08 B$115 B$330 B
Infra Investment$100 B$1,150 B