Write A letter to your friend about your experience taking food in restaurants.

Esmat Jerin Khan
June 23,2005
Dattapara, TongiGazipur.

My dear friend FariaAt the beginning of the letter, take my heartiest love and best wishes. Hope you are hale and hearty by thegrace of Almighty Allah. A letter of you is now at my hand. In it you have wanted to know my experience of taking food in a restaurant.You will feel charm to know that I had an experience of taking food in a Chinese restaurant last Friday. Actually on that day the feast was arranged for my cousin’s marriage ceremony at the canton restaurant, Mouchack Dhaka. I, along with my elder sister Sharmin entered the restaurant. A good flavor was tickling my nose. There was a dim light in every room. I kept looking around and listening to the fine music.However, we soon had our seats to eat and got astonished when the foods were served. A good number of delicious foods like chicken, mutton, pawn, fried rice, etc. were served one after one another. There were also Thai soup, corn soup, curry and what not. All the food items were delicious and appetizing.I had to use fork and spoon. I really enjoyed the feast very much. As it was my first experience to take Chinese food. I was really delighted.I wished you beside me while taking food.No more today. Hope to get your reply soon.Yours ever,Esmat Jerin Khan