discuss the economic problem and how it can be solved

Today’s fundamental problem is the fallacious mainstream theories about economics which are put forward as the best set of rules. The mostly academic theorists set out basics which ignore many fundamentals but they have the ear of the political class and the mainstream media goes along with it.
Almost everybody goes along with this. Probably the only exceptions are the Central bankers, like Greenspan, who actually tell it like it is, but they are ignored. When the Queen asked the LSE [London School of Economics] why no one foresaw the GFC, they had no answer. Nothing in their theories suggested it could happen.
In reality there are some so called heterodox theories which do explain macroeconomics as it actually exists, but selling them is very difficult as the mindset of most people is locked into the false theories. MMT is one and is gaining attention. It gets plenty of flak, but no one has been able to counter its principal arguments. It’s being opposed because the prevailing mindset is frozen in place.
It’s along story and much more needs to be said.