What is a capitalist economy?

CAPITALISM Free market operations with limited government intervention. A profit driven market which delivers what the public needs at a price willing to be paid by well informed consumers.

CAPITALISM Created with private capital from investors seeking to bring buyers into a market to purchase a needed good or service. "Money exchanged to satisfy demands"

CAPITALISM is an organized system which operates in a public or private  space to satisfy the needs of buyers and sellers. This structure generates profits and when conducted in a state or a country, it provides taxes to that entity. Taxes are used to facilitate building another public good with private labor, roads and infrastructure, to allow effeciency and economies of scale. This maximizes production and profits and ultimately drives down prices as the market matures and becomes effeciency. Newer products with high demand are expensive until that demand has been fulfilled and the product life-cycle is complete (saturation). When this is allowed, without being over regulated, the price of that product will reach an equilibrium. The demand for a better "widget" will create a desire and an idea for a better "widget" and another capitalist will meet this demand. The best entrepreneur will also create the demand for his product (Apple™ iPhone etc).