What are the twin themes of economics?

Scarcity and Efficiency refers to the Twin themes of Economics;
Scarcity occurs where it's impossible to meet all unlimited the desires and needs of the peoples with limited resources i.e; goods and services. Society must need to find a balance between sacrificing one resource and that will result in getting other.
Efficiency denotes the most effective use of a society's resources in satisfying peoples wants and needs. It means that the economy's resources are being used as effectively as possible to satisfy people's needs and desires.
Thus, the essence of economics is to acknowledge the reality of scarcity and then figure out how to organize society in a way which produces the most efficient use of resources. 


How can you have twins?

theres no way to make yourself have twins. that happens when two eggs are released when you ovulate fraternal) or the egg splits in two (identical). twins are more common if they run in your family

How do you have twins?

longer sex you have the more sperm enters the females body so there's a better chance you may have 2 or more babies there is no way to have them unless you just try but if u go to a doctor the can mix his sperm with your eggs and they can create twins and then put them back in your whome

What is theme?

The main idea that a story is built on. A universal truth of thehuman heart. Theme is the basic message of the story, like the morals of Aesop'sFables. You can find theme by asking yourself 'What is the authortrying to tell the readers?" or "What is the message of thisstory?" It's not usually stated (MORE)

Can you have twins if your husband's mother is a twin?

Twins You can have twins any time you have two fertilized eggs growing in your uterus, or if one fertilized egg splits and grows into two embryos. The first one is fraternal twins (which are more associated with heredity) and the second one is identical twins. However, because your husband's mo (MORE)

What is the economic?

The science that studies human behavior as a relationship between ends and scarce means which have alternative uses.

What is economic?

The adjective "economic" applies to an "economy", often specifically to some region, country, state, or local area. Economics includes retail sales, trade, public works, capital management, and other financial activity. It pertains to fiscal activities by governments, corporations, and private busin (MORE)

What High School themed movie involved a twin city run car race with a jukebox as the prize?

The real name of the movie is Catch Me If You Can (1989) staring among other folks Geoffrey Lewis & M. Emmet Walsh. . Answer . twin cities run

What are twins?

\nthere are two different types of twins\niddentical (from a single egg)and un-iddentical(from two eggs).\ntwins are usually close, and share similar likes and dislikes.\nsome people think that twins are telapathic, but they simply share a similar brain makeup, and their thoughts can follow the same (MORE)

How can you get twins?

Twins happen when the egg is fertilised and then splits, making two babies. The same happens with triplets too, but the egg splits again.

What is the theme for the short story twins?

The theme for the short story Twins is mainly betrayal. This is ashort story that is written by an author known as Eric Wright.

What do you wear to a twin themed Sadie Hawkins Dance?

doctor and nurse. business man and secratary. Tinkerbell and peterpan. barbie and ken. batman and robin. superman and wonderwoman/catwoman.

Why do you have economics?

Personally I don't "have" it, however the subject is regarded as a necessary part of living on both a personal level and on a national one. Economics provides us with the means of describing and to some degree understanding the relationship between the efforts that we make and the value of the resul (MORE)

What is twinning?

Twinning is formation of twin crystals like Siamese twins during crystallization which follow defined twin laws e.g. Spinel and Albite.

What are economics?

Economics is the branch of social science that studies the production, distribution , and consumption of goods and services . The term economics comes from the Greek for oikos (h. ouse) and nomos (custom or law), hence "rules of the house(hold). Modern economics developed out of the b (MORE)

What is economize?

To economize is lower expenses, to spend less on monthly bills.When it comes to a car, to economize means to spend less on fueland other costs incurred.

If I am a twin can I have twins?

i personally know a set of identical twins. BOTH of them had twins. i don't know if their twins were identical too.

Can twins have twins?

Yes Twins Have More Of A Chance Of HAving Twins Becuase Its In There Genes

What is the theme for?

\n. \n. \nThe central theme for the poem appears to be youthful regret, perhaps even time wasted. How many times, especially when young, do we say or do things that may be hurtful however we claim harmless fun? How often have we wanted to tell someone that they are special, important and valuable (MORE)

What is economics about?

Economics is about a government's or a society's exchange of goods and services. For instance, the tax system, tax rates, national debts, finances, banking systems, jobs/income, stocks, and everything else that is related to money. One section of economics is the theory of what you can do with a (MORE)

What is economics?

The branch of social science that deals with the production, consumption and distribution of goods, services and their management. This includes capital and raw materials as well as labor and more abstract resources. Economics can be defined as the study of human commercial transactions and the var (MORE)

Economical birthday themes for 9 yr old boys birthday?

\nthink maybe animals or planes..\nsugar free cake is always good\nmaybe something loud like chuck-E-Cheeses would suit him

What is an economic?

Economics is mainly the study of how people and society chose utilize their scarce resources to satisfy their unlimited needs and wants. When there is limited resources you will have a choice in which what needs and wants will you fully utilise them in and this this where the concept of (MORE)

If you are not a twin and your spouse is not a twin is it possible for you to have twins?

Yes. The factors behind monozygotic twins are largely unknown. However with dizygotic twins, studies suggest that women with a family history may be more predisposed to twinning. Also women over the age of thirty, of a west African descent, larger women, women who have already beared childre (MORE)

How can a theme park be a economic activity?

You spend money to create one. You people with money for it to thrive. And so on.

Who sings the Bella twins theme song?

refer WWE music volume 10 "Its a new day" in that u have complete details. and as far as the old theme is concerned"feel my body" u wont find the original anywhere until wwe releases

What do you do to get twins?

The parents make love to get twins but beware You might get a single child insted of twins.. And if the protection dose not work then you will have chilldren.

What economics is about?

One section of economics is the theory of what you can do with a limited supply. For example, money in the economy and how different elements can increase or decrease everyones wealth, eg technological innovations, depreciation etc. It is also the study of the person. Rational thinking, happiness (MORE)

What is the economic about?

Modern Definition of Economics Prof.A.C.Dhas defines economics as " The study of choice making by individuals, institutions, societies, nations and globe under conditions of scarcity and surplus towards maximizing benefits and satisfying the unlimited present and future needs .". In short, ac (MORE)

If twins marry twin will their kids be twins?

Actually, they have nearly the same chance as other parents. However, they may have hyper ovulation in which the feminine parent will release more than one egg.

What you can you do with economics?

If you're wanting to know job opportunities - alot of things! Economics is a good well rounded subject to have, but it depends what other experience you have. Economist, policy analyst, consultant, business advisor are just a few options.

Why do you have twins?

There are two natural ways, one being when u ovulated u had one fertilized egg that split into two, which also would make them identical twins, and two when you ovulated there were two eggs that both got fertilized. Hope this helps. I have identical twins.

Can you have twins if you are twins?

Lots of times twins runs in families, so your answer is yes. There seems to be a higher rate of births of twins with twins. but sometimes it can skip a generation! so you never know but you will be lucky if you are a twin and have twins yourself!!!!!!!!!!XD:)

Show how candy's comments to crooks and Lennie relate the dream of the land to Steinbeck theme of economic exploitation?

In Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men," Lennie, Candy and Crooks are men,who due to their education, class and poverty are doomed to toil ineconomic servitude for life. The dream of the land allows Candy toescape the economic exploitation of the ranch, and dream for amoment that the possibility of escape (MORE)

Who sings the Bella twins theme?

It's " You Can Look (But You Can't Touch)" By Kim Sozzi and Jim Johnston.

Can you have twins if your husbands grandmother was a twin?

Identical twins are 100% random, and fraternal twins (two eggs, two sperm) only have to do with the mom's genetics (the one who drops both eggs). The father really has nothing to do with making twins.

Can you have twins if your uncle is a twin?

There may be no connection to your odds of having twins and the fact that your uncle is a twin. It depends on whose side of the family the uncle is on. If the uncle is a fraternal twin on your mother's side, then your odds are slightly increased compared to the general population. If the uncle is an (MORE)

Can you have twins if you are not a twin?

yes, absolutely! Non-identical twins have a tendancy to be hereditary on your mother's side of the family. So for a female if your mother or mother's mother had non-identical twins there is a highler likelihood you might. Still, many twins don't have twins, and many people who aren't a twin do have (MORE)

How you get twins?

I think how strong the guys sperm is is how it works u want strong sperm for multiples and weak sperm for one child

What is the theme for the book runaway twin?

A girl names Sunny finds $800, and after unsucsessfully trying to find the owner of the money, she runs away from her foster home to find her twin sister that she was saeperated from when their mother died. ON her journey, she survives a tornado and a dog. You'll have to read the book if you want to (MORE)

Does a twin heifer produce twins?

Not necessarily. It is interesting to note that abnormalities are quite common among the Bovidae (Cow family) I have seen both living and stuffed examples of Siamese Twin calves, a Two-headed Bull ( really the Head was , err like, split down the middle)- and a Holstein cow with six legs ( about five (MORE)

How do you get identical twins and fraternal twins?

Identical twins are two children born of one egg and one sperm, that splits early on and then separates, each half then developing into a full organism. Since they came from only one egg and one sperm, their genes will be identical. Fraternal twins are two children born of two eggs and two sperms (MORE)

What is economics with micro economics and macro economics?

Microeconomics is literally "small" economics, which typically concentrates on the interrelatedness of single markets and firms. Macroeconomics is "big" economics and concentrates on the economy as a whole, international trade, etc.

What is the theme of the story is he living or is he dead by mark twin?

The theme of the story, "Is He Living or Is He Dead" by Mark Twain,is that people are gullible. People will believe whatever a personsays so long as it is said in the right way.

Who were the twins?

The twins were one of the first generations of twins and well both were girls soon before we had rules and laws when their parents died they got married they hooked up quite a few times and one found a little girl soon she got married and the same thing happend for 2 more generations now this may no (MORE)

What did the twins do?

The twins were terrors. What didn't they do?. Stories will forever be formed and reformed on the doings of the twins.

What can you do at an Atlantis bat mitzvah I am a twin and have to share it with my brother We both love Atlantis best vacation ever What ideas do you have for this themed bnai mitzvah?

Well if your not having it there then get a nice venue/catering hall. Make every thing incorporate it. Use blue alot and your favorite things about it into the designs. For this concept I would make sure you have blue in a little bit of everything. Use ATLANTIS as your centerpiece. Make something in (MORE)

Which of thes is most closely related to the theme of economics?

"Scarcity and Efficiency" is an example of a theme that is closely related to the theme of economics. Economics is the social science that satisfies the unlimited wants with very scarce resources.Ê

How likely is a twin of a twin to have twins?

they were born in the same day but different time and they also look alike and a little different

How to get twins?

You cannot control if you get twins, but twins are created when oneegg splits into two.

What is a theme-?

The word theme has different meanings depending on how it is used.Broadly, a theme is the main subject of something such as a novelor a topic.