Characteristics of good lesson planning

 Characteristics of good lesson planning

 Learning to plan is just like any other skill. It takes time and practice. At first 

lesson planning may seem like a time consuming process but by creating detailed lesson 

plans as a beginner teacher one is able to develop routines that can become more 

automatic over time.

 1) Lesson planning should be in a written form.

 2) In lesson planning, the general and important objectives should be clearly defined.

 3) The lesson plan should relate to suitable teaching method and its use.

 4) A continuity component reviews and reflects on content from the previous lesson.

 5) Subject, time , class, average age of the students should be mentioned in the lesson 


 6) Important examples should be included in lesson planning.

 7) Inspirational or motivational methods should be experimented in lesson planning.

 8) In lesson planning, the time for each topic should appropriately be pre determined.

 9) In lesson planning, the techniques and supportive materials of education like charts, 

 maps and other audio-visual materials and its utilization should be written.

 I have always realized that when you start teaching it is 90% planning and 10% 

management. But for an experienced teacher, it is 10% planning and 90% management. If, 

having developed a set of effective management skills and teaching routines, having 

experienced how to be resourceful with very little, and above all having learned to trust 

your learners, you are ready to fly on your own. It’s then that you will experience the 

(almost) unbearable lightness of teaching.